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Mattheu McBarnett

April 10, 2023 · 2 min read

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Introducing Silly Robot Cards: Your Personalized Greeting Card Solution!

How Silly Robot Cards Works

We understand that our user experience may not be perfect just yet, but rest assured, we are constantly working on improvements. For now, the process involves the following steps:

  • Choose 10 designs
  • Upload 10 pictures of yourself
  • Complete the payment process
  • Receive generated greeting cards

Once you have the generated cards, you can select your favorite designs to personalize, print, and send, much like Moonpig or Funky Pigeon.

My Favourite Easter Card Creation So Far

High-Quality Printing

Our cards are printed on 324gsm Mohawk high-quality paper and come with a paper envelope and a biodegradable OPP protective bag. A special thanks to Prodigi for their fantastic API!

Shipping Options

We offer global shipping with various rates available on the checkout page for any address.

You can choose from budget, standard, express, and overnight delivery options for most countries.

Please note that shipping times apply after the card has been printed, so add 24-48 hours to your chosen shipping option for an accurate delivery date estimate. Our card printing supplier has factories in the UK and Europe.

Exciting Future Developments

  • AI Poem Generator: Add a personalized touch with AI-generated poems to sign the inside of your cards.
  • Design Selection: We're revamping the UX flow to allow you to pick a specific design and have yourself inserted into the card, moving away from the current lucky dip approach.

We'll also share a blog post soon, discussing the various options related to using APIs versus building your own infrastructure for Dreambooth.

A huge thank you to the Dreambooth team and Stability AI for making Silly Robot Cards possible and freely available. Stay tuned for more updates!

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